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GNOD Chaudelande Volume II LP

GNOD Chaudelande Volume II LP
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Manufacturer: Tamed records

Second and final part of the Chaudelande session, following the first volume. On this lp GNOD brings us higher in their heavy cosmic trip with 3 songs which are focused on their heavy space rock side (or space punk maybe ?). This record makes you feel like all your bones are being gripped by electric hands and that your mind is evaporating in a percussive trance. GNOD manipulates fire and wind and doesn’t let yourself control anything but puts you under hypnosis that reveals your old tribe remembrances. Certainly the closest recording to GNOD live sound, if you had the chance to see them playing live, you know what it means. This is the second chapter of what was a real collaborative experience for us at Tamed records.